Best practices for re-roofing a shed

Best practices for re-roofing a shed

A key element of quality construction, the shed roof can nevertheless deteriorate over time. Despite everything, it remains quite easy to undertake renovations in order to redo the roof of your shed. How to do it? Here are some expert tips to make it happen!

Damaged shed roof: what are the most common causes?

In addition to the wear and tear of time, one of the frequent causes of the deterioration of garden shed roofs is bad weather: violent winds, downpours and broken branches hitting the covering can cause significant damage and lead to water infiltration. In addition, the invasion of xylophagous insects (those insects that devour wood) is always a possibility. This type of situation can be prevented by inspecting the structure and the roof. Regular examination will detect the presence of insects, but will also help prevent the appearance of humidity and fungus.

How to redo the roof of your shed?

Is the roof of your shed already damaged? Do not worry! If the damage is minor, it may be easy to fix it yourself. If, however, the breakage is more marked, it would be best to call in an expert in shed repair.

Diagnose the problem accurately

The successful repair of the roof of your shed involves clearly identifying the source of the problem. To get a clearer idea of the repairs to consider, it may be useful to look for signs of humidity or water infiltration in order to locate the point of entry. Typically, the affected tile will be ripped, curved, or much wetter than the others. It will then have to be replaced. If unfortunately several elements of the roof have been damaged by bad weather and broken branches, it will then be necessary to consider dismantling the entire roof and building a new one.

Shed roof: what are the best coatings?

It is advisable to favor covers offering excellent thermal insulation, and a solid frame to withstand the years with strength.

Sheet metal roof

Among the most widespread, we find the sheet metal (or steel tank). Easy to install and inexpensive, sheet metal sheets offer excellent value for money for the roof of a garden shed. In addition, they are waterproof and rust-proof. However, the minimum slope of the roof must be at least 10%. Also, aesthetically, it is not always the most popular choice and it is not accepted by all municipalities.

Asphalt shingle roof

Just as practical and easy to install, asphalt shingles are a very economical way to redo the roof of the shed. It also offers excellent waterproofing and is available in a variety of colors and qualities. This time, the minimum slope of the roof must be at least 20%.

Shed roof: how to install the covering?

To successfully restore the roof of your garden shed, the installation of the elements must be done with care. For good practice, everything is done in successive layers.

First, it is always preferable to install the roofing support, followed by the self-adhesive membrane, itself covered with shingles. Each row of tiles should overlap part of the one below, so that the joints are well sealed. If in doubt, do not hesitate to seek the help of a craftsman specializing in sheds.

Need help re-roofing your shed?

For more than 30 years, Cabanon Boyer has been an expert in the manufacture and repair of high quality sheds. Contact us to find out more!

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