For more than 30 years, Les Cabanons Boyer has been manufacturing single and double garages in a variety of span widths with front or side entry, windows and roller doors. All of our garages use durable and premium materials.

Many choices of colours and styles of vinyl siding are available as well as a wide range of colours for the roof coverings or shingles.

Made In Canada

We install our Canadian-made garages on-site with our team of qualified tradespeople. You will appreciate the unparalleled standard of workmanship, leaving a lasting impression on your home.

Quality Construction

The structure of our garages is a guarantee of longevity and stability, made with superior quality materials, with triple-enforced angles and double-framed doors.

  • 12 x 20
  • 12 x 24
  • 14 x 16
  • 14 x 20
  • 14 x 24
  • 16 x 20
  • 18 x 18

With the professional experience and dedication to quality construction, Cabanons Boyer is on hand to help streamline your garage project on time and budget. Contact us today!


Colour Options For Your Shed Siding | Cabanons Boyer

Classic Colour Collection

Classic colours are available for the vinyl sidings of your sheds and garages at no extra costs. Colours may vary depending on the settings of the user's screen. We recommend making your choice of colour from product samples.


Designer Colour Collection

The Designer colours for sheds and garage sidings are available at extra costs. Colours may vary depending on the settings of the user's screen. We recommend making your choice of color from product samples.


Shed Doors | Cabanons Boyer | Montérégie / South Shore

When choosing a door that aligns with the uniqueness of your environment, you must make several important decisions. A contemporary or timeless style? With or without a window? With or without lateral?

To answer all these questions and simplify your garden shed decisions, Cabanons Boyer will guide you in each step towards the realization of your project.

Whether for a single, double, glazed or full door - the choice is yours! Les Cabanons Boyer offers you an extensive selection of shed doors that fits all tastes and budgets.

Questions? Please contact us at (450) 454-3285.


FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions | Cabanons Boyer

Answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding sheds.

Yes, it is the client's responsibility to obtain the permit and to check all the regulations in force. We can help you by providing you with all the necessary documents to make your job of getting the required permits easier.

We need a minimum of 24 inches (2 feet) to install your shed.

Ground preparation is not required. However, it is highly recommended. We offer the service of ground preparation to make your job easier. 

No, all our sheds are installed on cement blocks, which ensures a clearance between the ground and the floor.

Yes, we offer a shed lifting service, door levelling and readjustment, regardless of whether the shed comes from our company or not.

We do not offer the service of replacing a rotted shed floor. The shed floor is part of the entire shed structure, creating a complicated job. It would take longer to replace a rotted shed floor than to build a new shed. There is also the challenge of finding the right colour match for the vinyl. Many companies have changed their colours and shed models over the years, making this task an expensive custom request.

For this kind of work, we offer the demolition service as well as our container service.


Shed Installation Service | Cabanons Boyer | South Shore

We install your garden shed directly on site.

Our experts will carry out the installation process with professional care. With 30 years of experience, we have installed hundreds of sheds and garages, making us well-versed in handling different landscapes and conditions. We build your sheds quickly, solidly and based on manufacturer’s recommendations – all factors that deliver quality work and value to our customers.

The structure of our sheds ensures they are long-landing and durable. Each shed includes double-framed doors and triple-edged corners.

Let us help you custom design the best-suited garden shed that will meet your needs. Available in many styles and colours!

Contact us today at 450.454.3285!